DFW Sports Media is all over this Front Office after Tyron Smith’s injury

I know many of our fans on here have asked many times, “When is the local DFW sports media ever going to call out Jerry and this FO for its ineptitude?” Well it is happening today with the Tyron Smith’s injury and the FO’s lack of preparation or contingency plan for exactly this.

Headlines in the local newspapers and media outlets this morning:

  • “Cowboys unprepared after Smith’s Injury” (DMN)
  • “Cowboys can blame themselves for being hamstrung by Tyron Smith’s injury” (FW Star T)

Local Dallas sports radio station “The Ticket” had several commentators- Bob Sturm, Corby Davidson, Davey Lane, Norm Hitzges, and others ripping Jerry and the front office saying things like “This is embarrassing to have a front office this unprepared”, “Jerry’s optimism is not appropriate for a GM”, and “when will these guys ever learn”, etc.

The Ticket played clips of Jerry’s appearance on ESPN with Stephen A Smith and called it “flat out embarrassing”. The Ticket’s morning hosts George Dunham and Craig Miller, “The Musers” said, “Name another NFL GM who has time and is willing to do an ESPN morning show this time of year”.

I certainly hope we have a better answer for who is protecting our QBs blind side than an untested rookie who has never played a snap in pre-season as a LT or some other retread that no other NFL has even signed yet.

But this season’s success or failure once again comes down to this front office’s overly rosy outlook of best case scenarios only to have it blow two weeks before the season even starts. As Bob Sturm said cryptically today, “This guy never seems to learn anything.”

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