Aggressive offseason plan (just for fun)

We have seen in several teams that to improve aggressiveness and taking risks are required.

This is going to be a tough preseason because there are several big free agents, like Tony Pollard, Terrence Steele, Donovan Wilson, Cooper Rush, LVE, Connor McGovern, among others, and with Dak earning 49M next season, there are a lot of limitations for to be able to sign at least those that I have listed.

The light that can be glimpsed is the news that came out informing that Zeke wants to stay and that he would be accepting a negotiation of his contract to cut his salary. which is very good news if it were to materialize, since with that Pollard could be retained,

This would be good for it to happen, since it should put pressure on Dak and if he really wants to revindicate, he would have to take the same action, since at this step of continuing with his incompetence, when his contract ends, nobody is going to want him, and It will only be 2 more years lost for the cowboys without reaching anything, so Dak should take the same action, renegotiate his contract and take a salary reduction, even negotiate the cancellation of the remaining years, and only stay one more year with a fair salary , (half) and that year dedicate himself to revindicate and can be hired by another team, and each one follow their path.

another option would be to negotiate with Dak so that he goes to the team that he wants; In my opinion, Dak seeing that most of the fans don’t want him in Dallas, an option would be Washington, with Carson Wentz they won’t get anywhere, and he could be cut and free up salary space, and with that Dak might want to take revenge on the cowboys, Washington is the good option, Dak for a 5th and Taylor Heinicke, you will say, for a 5th?, of course as long as he leaves and free up money, whatever is good,

With money they can hire good players, and this free agency is going to be interesting, according to rumors, Aaron Rodgers can be traded

so as QB options in free agency they have:

Tom Brady, one-year contract and reinforcing the team in free agency, the SB option is sure,

Aaron rodgers, he may be expensive but he is a very good QB,

Lamar Jackson,

Jimmy Garoppolo,

Derek Carr,

Dak shouldn’t stay in the Cowboys, since the story is going to be the same as always, Dak has already been in the league for 7 years, and it doesn’t seem to improve. and he not going to get better

we want more aggressiveness? transfer the first round for Sean Payton and let go of McCarthy, with this we will have a new culture in the cowboys, and a new hope.

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