The mistakes that are sinking cowboys

The Cowboys have made very serious mistakes that they need to fix, first of all not realizing defensively, that at this time the NFL is a QB league, having signed Zeke with that contract is a very serious mistake, in this league you no longer win with RB you win with QB and defenses. It is required to invest in OT and DE not in RB.

The contracts of D-Law- Zeke – Cooper, and especially Dak's, are serious mistakes, Dak's contract is a serious mistake to the non-transfer clause, it is urgent to clean this equipment.

it is a mistake to retain D-Law, it is not worth what they are paying him, and they are not going to get anywhere retaining him, it is necessary to rebuild the team, the cowboys look lost and aimless, they do not know the times they are living . The NFL is a QB league, therefore defense against the aerial attack is required, defenses that pressure the QB, the winning teams and that have reached the playoffs have this characteristic. It requires not just one but two double-digit players in terms of sacks. examples:

Rams – Von Miller 13 sacks, Aaron Donald 19 sacks

Steelers – T.J. Watt 22 sacks Cameron Heyward 11 sacks

49ers – Nick Bosa 21 sacks Arik Armstead 10 sacks

Bengals – Trey Hendrickson 20 sacks, Sam Hubbard 12 sacks

Titans – Harold Landry 16 sacks, Jeffery Simmons 14 sacks, Denico Autry 13 sacks

Tampa do the same in 2020 with T Shaquil Barrett and Jason Pierre Paul

D-Law is not a double digit player in sacks.

Now you see the chargers going in this same direction, making a transfer for Khalil Mack and now this pair with Joey Bosa, this is something that the Cowboys don't have and won't have if they stay with D-Law.

Micah Parsons should be a DE, but he needs a partner on the opposite side, who can also have double digit sacks, and the only way to get one is in the Draft since they are expensive players in free agency.

If we look at the model that the Rams implemented and especially what the defense did in the SB, we have this statistic: 7 sacks, 4 hits, 15 rushes, 26 pressures, 1 pressure every 2 passes from Burrow, this is not what Dallas has, nor hey will, if they doesn't renew the front line starting with the DE.

cowboys look lost and stuck in the past, they need to turn the wheel and adapt to the times and be aggressive.

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