Just because you have a young coach doesn’t mean he will be Sean McVay

I think something that Jerry has missed out on is this. Just because you have a young coach doesn't mean he will magically become Sean McVay. We have had two coaches that the FO has propped up as the next young geniuses. Those two being Jason Garrett and Kellen Moore.

In the case of Jason Garrett, I used to receive magazines late in the offseason as training camp was going to start. In a magazine I received in 2007, it mentioned of course about Wade Phillips being the next HC. Concerningly, it also talked about how Jason Garrett, the new OC who I hadn't heard of at the time, was due to become a HC at some point if Wade doesn't succeed. I found this concerning because he hadn't had enough time to develop into a HC, yet, he was already being propped up as the next HC. Turned out, 3 years later, the magazine was correct. Sure enough, Garrett didn't do well and failed miserably with the Giants after leaving us. The problem in my view? He hadn't been given enough time to acclimate to what it really takes to be a HC as a coordinator. He should have been working his way through the ranks, but it was obvious that Jerry wanted him as a HC. However, his mentors were Wade Phillips and Nick Saban. One of which was a defencive-minded HC, and the other couldn't cut it at the NFL level. It might have served Garrett better to learn a few more years under a different proper coach. Think Jerry has learned his lesson? Think again….

Now we come to Kellen Moore. He was, at one point, slated to be the 2nd string QB behind Romo until he broke his leg. So, into coaching he went. At first as the QB coach under Linehan and Garrett. He seemed to be propped up as this genius coaching mind. He quickly rises the rank to OC, and then stays that way with Mike. However, he's shown a few potential weaknesses in terms of long-term team adjustments to injuries, similar to something that Garrett struggled with. I think Mike, a better coach than Garrett, obviously, should be stepping in every now and then when Moore hits inexperience walls.

The morale of this story is that Jason Garrett was not a Sean McVay-type coach, nor is Moore. I think Jerry is rushing Moore through too quickly like he did Garrett. The nice thing about our FO set up is that it could allow for more patience to develop a coach at a coordinator spot as the GM can't be fired here. So, I think it'd be wise for Moore to take his time and learn how to make long-term adjustments as well as in-game adjustments (which he's better at than Garrett) before any talk of him being an NFL-HC arises.

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