The Defense saved our season; The offense must improve

A major tip of the cap to Cooper Rush and the job he did as a solid backup QB to hold this team together the last 5 games. He played within himself and his limitations.

But if we’re being completely objective, the reason this team saved its season is even simpler: it’s the defense. Without the top shelf performance of this defense, we would probably be 2-4.

Here’s some evidence:

  • Our offense is averaging 18 points a game. That’s not sustainable to have a deep playoff run. If the offense doesn’t improve. this will quickly just be another year added to the last 26.
  • The defense is leading the league in sacks, is 4th against the pass and 19th against the run. That’s incredible.
  • The defense is only giving up 16 points a game, but with the offense only averaging 18, it makes the defense be the one carrying the weight of whether we can win. That’s not sustainable.
  • Our STs have also been outstanding. A blocked punt, blocked FG, improvements in the return game and Brett Maher has been an early surprise.
  • On the rare game the defense cannot hold opponents under 18, the offense MUST be able to rise to the occasion to carry the team on occasion.

The Cowboys defense has saved our season so far. But if this is going to be something more than what we’ve been the last 26 seasons, the offense has to make major improvements.

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