13 Games In: What this team is and isn’t

We have plenty of evidence now to assess this 2022 Cowboys team. I certainly hope the team continues to fight hard to improve. Lord knows they have a lot of areas to improve and if we want a deep playoff run, it usually happens with teams that have become hot late in the season.

So IMO, here are the team’s strengths and weaknesses so far starting with weaknesses:


  • Having sluggish starts, especially on offense.
  • Not much of a killer instinct as a team.
  • Too many INTs from Dak; something he used to not do nearly as much.
  • WRs running too many lazy, un-precise routes, causing some of the INTs.
  • Vulnerable against the run, especially on the edges and against QBs who can run.
  • Secondary has two of its best corners out for the season and their best corner has a banged up hand. Backup corners are suspect.
  • OL is banged up with Terrance Steele out for the season.
  • 80 yr old GM who never shuts up and undermines his coaches.
  • 27 year old monkey on their backs.


  • Micah Parsons, when healthy, best defensive player in NFL.
  • Best pass rush in the league.
  • Defense can force turnovers in bunches at times.
  • Running game with Pollard and Zeke is solid.
  • Pollard is a weapon that can break a huge play at any moment. Best weapon we have.
  • When Dak runs and moves well in the pocket he’s at his best.
  • Cedee Lamb can be outstanding in the slot, making it easier to get favorable matchups.
  • Coach Mac has always been good at managing injuries as we saw earlier in season. He will need to do that again with latest rash of injuries.
  • Team has confidence that it can win against anyone.

I’m sure I missed a bunch in both categories. What would you add?

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