14-3: Can The Cowboys Do It and Will It Be Enough?

Cowboys only looked bad in one game this year, that being the opener with the Bucs. They had a chance to beat Philly on the road with their back up QB, but came up short. Hopefully, the sting from letting the Packers game get away from them will stick with them as a reminder how narrow the margin between victory and defeat can be. This is as solid a Cowboys team as we have seen since perhaps 2014.


Giants, Colts, Texans, Jaguars; all teams the Cowboys should beat. 11-3 most certainly doable.

Eagles, Titans, Commanders; last three games, the final push to 14-3 and a difficult stretch with the last 2 on the road. If the Cowboys can be consistent and resemble the team that showed up in Minnesota, they can certainly get it done.


Packers, Titans, Giants, Bears, Cowboys, Saints, Giants; Let's start out with the Cowboys beating them on Christmas Eve. I don't see the Eagles running the table in all the other games with either the Titans or Bears my favorites to beat them.

Eagles and Cowboys both finish 14-3. Cowboys have tie breaker by virtue of a better divisional record.

Tall order, but that's the way I would like to see the Cowboys ascend to #1 seed in the NFC. It starts with running the table.

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