Zeke/Pollard or prospect the RB starter in 2023?

The majority of us are aware that the front office could not release Zeke this offseason due to his high dead money, but that isn't the case after this season. I believe his charge would be 11 million compared to 30 million if cut prior to this season. If he's a June 1st release, it would only be half that number. Coming off of an injury plagued season and an OL that really struggled, this is a huge season for his future not only with the Cowboys but could be showcasing himself for another team.

Tony Pollard will be playing on his final year of his contract. We all would agree, Kellen Moore has under utilized him within the starting offense. He probably wants to go somewhere else to be the main runner for his team. Since his numbers are low due to lack of touches, as well as the low demand at the position in fa, could the Cowboys resign him to a reasonable contract extension? Would it be risky resigning another RB to an extension?

In the early going, I have heard that the RB Class in next year's draft is very good. Perhaps a day 2 pick at a low, controlled amount would be the best choice to fill the need.

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