Roster Surprises and Unexpected Cuts from Final 53-man Roster

It’s getting close to that time where people predict the 53. I have no idea at this point of the year. But it should be as interesting, if not more, than years in the past as far as who makes the roster and who doesn’t. We have several players who are on the bubble, I think. And several UDFAs and draft picks who may steal spots and maybe even playing time.

I’m only going out on a limb on one player, because I believe that much in his game and attitude as a player: Jalen Moreno-Cropper. I think he makes the team, possibly filling in some as a returner and obviously 4th or 5th WR.

There’s also Hunter Luepke, who I think has a real shot at not only making the team, but also carving out a role year 1.

Noah Fant is also interesting. I could see him also finding a role and pushing someone like McKeon off the roster. Players like Fant and Luepke would give us more weapons on offense than someone like McKeon, who hasn’t really produced much in the passing game. Both of those guys can run, play TE, and a little WR whether in the slot or backfield.

On defense, I like Isiah Land, for obvious reasons. But it’ll also be interesting to see what the other defensive prospects do.

There’s also another guy, Dontario Drummond, who the Cowboys hung on to from last year. He had an interesting career at Mississippi.

Although kickers are the most boring to talk about, I’m hoping they figure that out and find someone other than Maher. I still don’t trust he wasn’t gambling last year. But that’s just me.

What’s your guess at the 53-man roster?

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