If winning playoff games is the priority, I just don’t understand an OBJ signing

It’s beyond me why our 80 year old owner and part time GM, after the last 27 years of playoff futility, spends so much of his time pursuing OBJ- a player that almost certainly won’t be able to help this team much if at all this year. All this happening at a time when this team needs anything but a circus.

In fact, what this team needs a lot more than a 30 year old gimpy WR:

  • Focus and attention to detail.
  • Mental and physical toughness to overcome adversity.
  • As a probable wild card team, becoming capable of winning road playoff games- something this team hasn’t done since the 1992 NFC championship game vs SF.
  • A commitment to being at their best the rest of the regular season and beyond.

I have nothing against Odell Beckham. He has been a very good NFL receiver. But obtaining his services just makes no sense right now when this team need focus, not a media circus with the signing of a has been WR. You don’t sign a WR in late Dec as THE “key” for a deep playoff run. But you do make that signing if getting a ton of attention is the goal.

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