Tyler Smith the latest fork in the eye of the so-called draft experts

Picking on Bob Sturm here, but the list is endless.

The nerdy statistical and analytical arguments they bring – and with such intensity and condescension – would be insulting if it wasn't so tragically and comically pathetic. Doesn't matter how many times they're wrong, the next go-round, they're equally as certain and arrogant about their opinions they gift to us as charity from heaven itself.

Sturm rambled to no end about what a ridiculously stupid pick Tyler Smith was. Just drafted way too high, and a horribly flawed prospect in the early rounds to be even considered anywhere near a first-round pick. So many of his know-it-all ilk pounded the pulpits with the same drivel before a single ball was snapped.

Fast forward about 30 days, and now Tyler Smith looks like the best pick in the 2022 draft. Dude has played at an elite level from his first snap as a rookie against good pass rushers. Absolutely dominating people at times, and surprising Jason Peters with his knowledge, even correcting him at times.

Terrance Steele was going to be a disaster in August. Remember? Losing Gregory was really going to hurt, as was Cooper and Wilson.

Rewind to the 2021 draft when, according to Sturm's calculations, Micah Parsons was an unfortunate second prize, he told us, for a Cowboys team needing a OT or CB much worse. That doozy looks like "Dewey Defeats Truman" times a million now, eh?

This is the same Sturm who lambasts the Dak doubters as backwoods football imbeciles, as he giggly recites his bible of statistics ad nauseum. Meanwhile, again and again when the games really matter, Dak breaks windows and sets off fire alarms as he clangs passes off everything but receivers hands downfield. Yeah, he's not quite as vocal about Dak these days if you haven't noticed.

Again, he's far from alone, and I'm picking on Sturm because of his locale.

The mighty football expert world is dripping with these contrarians with slide rules, trying to reduce the most complicated team sport on the planet into pocket-protector analytics, as if fantasy football really is football. It is to them.

Go back and watch draft shows from 5 years ago and bring some popcorn and a mood to laugh. It's high comedy, especially with the vitriol and absolute certainty brought into these conversations over guys that prove to be everything but what was said, better and worse.

Mike Mayock actually parlayed his "expertivity" into a gig with Mark Davis' Raiders, and lo and behold, he's proving what a know-nothing talent evaluator he was all along. Almost all of their top picks since he's been there are either gone or are on their way out the door.

Of course, I'm just having some fun here, and I don't know who's going to hit or not either. It's time everyone stopped quoting and paying attention to these "O-fers", and just let time and observation be the judge.

Will McClay has the track record none of these professional guessers do. Trust those very few elite talent evaluators like him, even if Bob Sturm tells you otherwise.

And if you don't believe me, just ask Travis Frederick.

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