My Thoughts on the 2022 Team

These are based on one game. Unlike Jerry, I don't believe this will magically turn around. Below are the reasons why I have come to this conclusion. And some thoughts on the Bucs game.

  • The front office seems to have issues with multitasking. They worked on the defense, but considered the OL to be set. They did hit a home run with Tyler Smith it appears, But counting on Tyron Smith is a reoccurring error due to health. And anything beyond Tyler Smith and Zach Martin is sketchy.
  • Again, the single mindedness of the FO has returned to the beginning of the 2018 campaign when the receiving corps was pitiful. This group just cannot stretch the defense. And married with the OL, running two receivers in patterns and keeping TE's in to block is a recipe for failure.
  • My convictions with Dak are now slipping. He cannot create unless he has a clean pocket. When harassed, he falters. I can live with the less than Brady accuracy. When Romo was here he made decisions quickly and released the ball. Dak does not have that quality. A great deal of his problems stem from the lack of real talent around him. He will need playmakers on the line and receiving corps if he is to be all he can be. Is that enough? Doesn't appear to be.
  • The seasonal theme of not stopping the run has arrived again. I see the defense as better than last year. But shopping at Walmart for defensive tackles seems to be in a Groundhog Day loop. As the game progresses, the inside presence is shoved around like a bullied school kid.
  • Is the linebacker corps adequate if your best player on defense is now rushing the passer? Micah is stellar, but when he moves to the line of scrimmage, there doesn't seem to be enough playmaking ability.
  • Lamb is not a #1 receiver. He thrives in the slot. So we are back to the same spot the FO left the team in 2018 as stated above.
  • Kellen Moore doesn't seem to get that slow developing plays meant for the outside allow even the mediocre teams to move into position to stop them. This kid is not a play caller of any quality.
  • I like McCarthy. But he needs to step up and take control of this offense.
  • If you've gotten this far, I have not given up hope for a season that is passable. But I am not far from seeing this as a draft slot season at best. Walter Football currently has Dallas at the 4th over-all pick. They suggest a WR named Jaxon Smith-Njigba. But with the 4th over-all, would a QB be more in order? Let him sit for a year and send Prescott packing.

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