Jerry Jones screwed it up by getting rid of Jimmy Johnson

Bum wanted the only in our franchise history fired after 29 seasons. He sold the team to Jerry Jones and Jerry said he will fire Tom Landry.

The team was sputtering in the 80s especially following the catch by Dwight Clark.

So Jerry brings in Jimmy Johnson. Bad bad team in the first year that was 1-15. Jimmy drafted two QBs: Troy Aikman and Steve Walsh. Aikman was mad because he was supposed to be the anointed one and not have competition but Jimmy wanted competition.

In the midst of his first season, Jimmy Johnson traded away Dallas best player at the time, Hershel Walker for five drafts picks and 5 players. We know the rest is history as Dallas used that trade to draft 19 players.

Troy was on a bad team with a bad offensive line his first season so he was getting beat up! They drafted Emmitt Smith the following year. They made some modest improvements but it took a couple of years for them to hit their stride.

I do not want to hear that Aikman was an average QB on a good team! It took Dallas a couple of years to get there.

Aikman was one of the most accurate passers in the game competing against Montana, Young, Elway, Mario etc.

3 super bowls in four years! It would have been more if Jimmy was around! Could have been a three peat!

Of course Jerry screwed it up by getting rid of Johnson.

The rest is history… 27+ years and counting… the last time Dallas made it to the NFC Championship game

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