Thoughts/Opinions about yesterday’s 49er win against the Eagles

This game was very similar to the Cowboy loss earlier in the season, outside of the 49ers starting slow:

-What makes the Eagles offense very good is their ability to both run and pass the football at a high rate, with the league’s best offense line. What the 49ers did, was take away their running game and turned their offense one dimensional. Swift/Hurts never hurt the 49ers on the ground all game long.

-When the 49ers force teams to pass, they are very difficult to beat. They can get pressure with just their front 4, play extra men in coverage and force a QB to make tight throws. Their linebackers are the best in the business and they do an excellent job taking the middle away. You have to beat them on the outside. We saw Hurts have a ton of time in the pocket for most of the game, but nobody was every open and the 49ers dared him to make tight window throws.

-The 49ers are the most physical team in the game. Not just their defense, but they have the best run after the catch receivers in the league. If teams fail to match their physicality, the 49ers will bully you all game long.

-Purdy makes great decisions, but he is more of a timing based QB. He usually throws to a spot. Teams tend to play more zone against them cause of their run after catch ability, Deebo absolutely destroyed the Eagles defense out in space.

-As we have seen in their 3 game losing streak, this team can be beat, but you better run the football enough, be able to hold up in press man coverage and limit the receivers to little yards after the catch. All that, you still have to contain their run game with has a ton of misdirection in it.

-Saw a post about the Eagles being overrated, that isn’t the case at all, the 49ers are that good and since the 3 game losing streak the national media just wrote them off way too early.

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