Cooper Rush is a bus driver

… and that's exactly what this team needs. tl:dr version: with Rush they have found a different way of utilizing their strengths.

Rush is a humble "do your job and go home" guy who knows his place, takes his guys from A to B and has their trust to do so. They couldn't rely on their starter and so had to find different ways of getting it done.

I see the improvement of the o line as a big factor and want to see what Dak can do behind them playing so well. But as of now Rush just steps on the field 100% focused, reads defenses well and seems to have found the mobility to be a real threat downfield. How could he connect with his receivers so fast? How does he put Brown into play so well?

I remembered Tony saying last year during that first 6 game stretch that Dak was in control of his offense. Now that's exactly how I see how it is with Rush now. They aren't putting a huge number of points on the boards. But what do wins with points in the low 20s tell us? They keep a low profile so to speak while utilizing their strengths without letting the opponent expose their weaknesses to much. Rush is in control of the huddle. Being variable is their strength, the Giants just couldn't know, how they're gonna play it.

We aren't an offensive powerhouse anymore, but they probably don't have to be with a defense that good. They have beaten a contender (well, are they now?) and a division rival on fire with their backup QB. And that means one thing: they trust their bus driver. Let's just hope the leagues defensive coordinators won't figure them out too fast. Rams will be the next real test.

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