Thought about yesterday’s upset victory!

-Start of the season, we would of taken a split in our first 2 home games against two quality teams.


-Thought the offense had more balance, before they went conservative in the 2nd half.

-Didn't like the pitches to the outside for Zeke. Get him running downhill!

-Pollard has to get more touches in the run/pass

-OL didn't commit 1 penalty, that is a major accomplishment.

-Tyler/Farnoik had a few mental mistakes, did give up a sack. All and all they have held up thus far. Growing pains are expected out of 1st yr starters. Tyler has played as good as those 1st rd Tackles.

-Martin/Steele were getting a tremendous push in the run game.

-Noah Brown had his best game of his career.

-Cooper Rush was clutch throughout the game and was money on the final drive. Has earned the job.

-Shultz had issues again with his blocking and had a bad fumble that could of sealed the game.


-What can you say about Parsons, I actually felt bad for Collins in that matchup. You would think teams will start doubling him on every snap, it will be up to Quinn to get him into single matchups with scheme.

-It wasn't only Parsons, Armstrong had multiple sacks and I thought Fowler was very good.

-Sam Williams has to stop with these hands to the face penalties, we saw them in the preseason too.

-3 terrible penalties, 1 was on special teams that extended drives. 3 veterans no less.

-Run defense was better, but still remains this defense weakness.

-Thought the secondary played outstanding, although pass rush really helped.

-19 player drive, plus the 2 pt conversion was the only poor drive of the game. 2 TD's given up in 2 games.

-Diggs gets killed for his tackling, but made a huge stop to get the Bengals off the field.

Special Teams

-Maher made 2 FG's over 50 yards, 1 being the game winner. He has been money thus far, knock on wood.

-Turpin had a nice punt return that flipped the field.

-Semi almost blocked the punt, but did an excellent job not roughing the kicker.

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