This one is primarily on Jerry

Did the players stink? Yes! Do I believe we would have had a different outcome if we needed to win to get in? Yes!

That being said, when Jerry said he wanted a home playoff game…the decision to play our starters had already been made. After Jerry said that on his radio show…the Giants announced they were playing their THIRD STRING QB!!! And resting other starters. We should have taken that intel and pivoted. But, what Jerry wants, Jerry gets. I know that is not breaking news, but it is maddening!!!!!!!!!

I was at the game. Sat behind the Cowboys bench. We had no business putting key contributors on that field yesterday. They did not want to be out there. And that is a surefire way to getting injured. FedEx field is a playing surface that is not well maintained. Neither team really had anything to play for. I think that performance did way more harm than good. They could have least ended it with some momentum with that TD drive that ended the 1st half, but I was so disgusted when they trotted our starters back out after halftime, I left the game.

If they do not win next week….this core will be broken up. The QB will be safe because of his contract, but Mike McCarthy, Kellen Moore, Dan Quinn, DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyron Smith or Ezekiel Elliot….one of them…if not more….will not survive a loss next week. Nor should they. But unfortuanaley….the real shake up should take place with the Owner/GM…but since that will not happen…others will be sacrificed. Again, I am not against a shake up if we lose next week, but we lost yesterday’s game before it even started. And the main offender was the owner/GM!!!!!!!

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