Jerry’s age is a factor

I was accused of ageism when I used Jerry’s age to describe him while making a point. For the record, my father is 81, and there are things he is doing now that he did not used to do (for better or worse) because of his AGE!! Not sure why factoring age into the equation is looked down upon,

Anyway, doing something drastic is just not something Jerry is going to do because of his age. Sticking with certain situations too long is also because of his age. (see Jason Garrett, who Jerry promised us would have his pick of jobs, who knew that included the USFL)

When you have a Trevon Diggs…Jerry see’s STAR written all over it. And that is what Jerry likes…but I would trade him and take a 1st round pick before I give him 150m. That does not mean Trevon is not a good player, it just means there are too many holes on this team to pay him that kind of money. You have to keep Lamb and Micah…but you should not keep all 3. Especially when you can get a big return for Diggs. Look, the Jags moved off of Ramsey and Ramsey is better than Diggs.

Hiring someone he is unfamiliar with…hiring someone from the Walsh, Shanahann coaching tree…would be drastic. It would take him out of his comfort zone…and he is not doing that at his age. Jerry is not plugged into that coaching tree in the NFL…a lot of them are younger guys…and at his age, Jerry is simply not going to do it. There is a reason we had a Wade Phillips, Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli, Scott Linehan etc…that was his comfort zone. Those were the names during his "day".

We finally got someone that is from a different coaching tree in Mike McCarthy…and we don’t even let him bring the Walsh style to Dallas! What was the point of bringing him in if YOU were going to tell him what offense to run? Hadn’t he already tried that and failed? At his age, he does not have time try it another way. Because we are close. We just need to tweak. He "found" his guy in Kellen Moore, who was just an extension of Garret, who was just an extension of Norv, who was just an extension of Zampesee, who was just an extension of Don Coryell and basically told Mike to stay out of the way. Mike has told us he cannot weigh in on the offense because he does not know the language. How dysfunctional is this? On top of all the dysfunction and nepotism that has failed us for decades!

Again, we cannot dismiss his age and the culture that is already in place factoring in to whatever changes are going to happen this offseason. The 49ers beat us last year…and he ran it back with less talent because he thought we were close and he did not want to do anything too drastic.

He is too far down this path in life and his philosophy to turn back. I would love to be wrong…but if we do not do something bold, expect more of the same next year.

P.S. – this message was really for all the fans who thinks Jerry is in the passenger seat or the backseat.

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