The replacement for Tyron could already be on the roster?

Maybe the replacement for Tyron is already on the roster. First-round pick Tyler Smith was the heir to the left tackle throne. Maybe he should now go ahead and ascend.

The regular season is just around the corner and the Cowboys are going to try to march through a large chunk of it without one of their best players. So maybe it's time to speed up the clock on the development of his heir.

Can the offensive line – in its existing form – protect quarterback Dak Prescott adequately enough for a successful 2022? That was going to be a "maybe'' even with Tyron at left tackle and prized rookie Tyler Smith at left guard.

Of course, Tyler has yet to actually win the left guard job, anyway, according to McCarthy saying this week that Connor McGovern continues to be the first-teamer there.

Leave McGovern at guard. Move Tyler to the left tackle spot that he was slated to "someday'' (two years from now, after the expiration of Tyron's present contract) … now.

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