The QB market conundrum

I see lots of complaining about QB #4 salary. However, the bigger problem seems to be the NFL "next man up" pay strategy for above average to top 10 qbs. It seems every 2-3 years a above average qb gets a monumental contract and other top 10 qbs coming off their previous deals have a "I’m next" mentality. So, no matter if the qb has a crumby playoff record and little to no division titles, they are getting commanding price in the range of 35 million and up.

Now I see all of these posts such as Dak is getting paid too much, we could have gotten someone else with the same results for cheaper. Now I don’t disagree that Dak has needed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for choking in his last two divisional playoff appearances. But, Daks pay vs. pedestrian production in the playoffs is one fragment of a bigger problem in the league. Which is exploding salaries for average to above average qbs.

If this "I’m next" mentality continues what is the end point? Will qbs command 50, 70, or 90 million per year over the next five years? What about the next 10 years? How can this cannibalism of the team budget continue in a league with a hard salary cap? We have stats in now that show high paid qbs are not even making the playoffs, let alone a threat for any SB run. It is becoming apparent that paying QBs a huge amounts results in little to no playoff success. Yet teams are being pressured by top 10 qbs to give them their asking price or they will walk. So how should teams with supreme QBs such Burrow or Mahomes act if their superstar QB has leverage and threatened to leave. It may take up to ten years to get an equivalent QB talent in the draft. So I ask you zoners what would be your solutions for this conundrum?

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