The offense has had same issues in the playoffs since 2007

The 2007 offense was ranked #2 in scoring and #3 in yards. We had 7 offensive players making the Pro bowl. So, the failure in the playoffs wasn’t due to the roster. We were averaging 28.5 points per game that year, but we only scored 17 points in a loss to the Giants in the playoffs. Similar story in 2009 where we were averaging 23 points per game in the regular season but only scored 3 points. Same again last year and this year. The offense is great in regular season vs average teams, yet it gets chocked out in the playoff’s vs top tier playoff teams.

Year/ QB Regular Season point per game Playoff score
QB Rating reg season
QB Rating playoff loss
2007 / Romo 28.5 17 (vs the Giants) 97.4 64.7
2009 / Romo 22.6 3 (vs Vikings) 97.6 66.1
2021 / Dak 31.2 17 (vs SF) 104.2 69.3
2022 / Dak 27.5 12 (vs SF) 91.1 63.6

This has been happening since 2007 with a different QB and roster. So, what is common between 2007, 2009, 2021, and 2022 season? JG’s offensive scheme. A team that can rush the passer with only four and play coverage can easily defend JG’s offense. Giants in 2007 had a great pass rush and Romo had one of his worse game vs them in the playoffs. Romo got pummeled in 2009 vs the Vikings. We all know what happened to Dak last two years. This issue is more than just the QB and his weapons. It’s time to get a new scheme if we want to take the next step. It’s time to clean out the last of JG’s stench.

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