The NFC is there for the taking

When scanning the NFC to assess which teams are most likely to duke it out for the NFC championship, there are essentially 4 teams in two tiers that should be considered “realistic“ contenders. I’m basing it on current standing and what the team has done over the last year and a half. Things can and will change though because we have 8 games left in this season.

TIER ONE (2 teams). These are clearly the best teams based on last year and this year so far.

  • eagles- 8-1 record; have gone 22-4 in last 26 regular season games (Last yr and this yr combined)
  • 49ers- 6-3 record; have beaten us 3 straight times since ‘21 and have gone 19-7 in last 26 regular season games.

TIER TWO (2 teams) These teams are clearly good but need to be more consistent.

  • Cowboys- 6-3 record; are 18-8 in last 26 reg season games; have shown moments of dominance and also moments where they shrink against niners and eagles.
  • lions- 7-2 record currently; are 16-10 in last 26 regular season games; lack consistency and haven’t been in the playoffs since 2014.


The NFC is there for the taking most likely with one of these 4 teams. Which is one reason I was disappointed that our FO did not shore up this roster with a trade like most contenders did by the deadline. Didn’t have to be a “splash” trade. Even a depth enhancer would have been nice. Oh well.


  • Show some consistency. Teams that win in the playoffs are the ones who are consistent and reliable. “Consistency is the habit of winners” as the old saying goes.
  • Must win against the tougher teams on our schedule. This team needs some confidence that it can win against the better teams. We have killed lesser opponents (except cards) but stumbled against the niners and eagles.
  • Show some improvement in the OL’s performance. Teams that win multiple playoff games have strong play in the trenches. Our OL has been very inconsistent. Run game needs to return.
  • Must show they are mentally/physically tough. Many fans here hate to admit it but the Cowboys have been soft, especially mentally for far too long. The Cowboys must show they are tough enough to win when the stakes are high. Teams that win playoff games are very tough.
  • Must stop the stupid penalties. The Cowboys lead the league in penalties and worse, lead the league in pre-snap penalties. A lack of attention to detail and focus will get you beat against the better teams in the playoffs. The lining up off sides, the delay of game, false starts and getting into fights with opponents are the habits of teams that lose playoff games.
  • Get hot at the right time. Teams that go on deep playoff runs usually go into the playoffs playing their best football. When was the last time we could say that about the Cowboys?

Again, the NFC is there for the taking. Can this team do what it takes?

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