The psychological challenge for this team

Getting curb stomped 42-10 by one of your biggest rivals for the third straight time is a kick in the groin for our Cowboys. It has both a physical and psychological toll. This is a team whose entire identity is built on being competitive with any and all NFL teams with a strong defense and a revamped offense – now it has to question itself at this point.

Going into this weekend’s big bounce-back opportunity game with the chargers will test the mental and physical toughness of a team that if we’re honest with ourselves as fans, has been too soft in their biggest moments. The psychological make up of this team is about to be severely challenged.

Questions this team must answer to get up off the canvas:

  • Was the SF game just a one week bad blip on the radar or is it a true measure of this team?
  • Is the defense as dominant as they all thought they were or are they just an occasional tiger when they have a big lead?
  • Is the “Texas Coast” offense as bad as it looked Sunday or is it still developing?
  • Is this team mentally tough enough to re-establish itself as a contender or is it back to pretender status?
  • There‘s still 12 games left. Lots of football to be played. Can this team recalibrate and get its mojo back?

There are many more questions this team faces. Sometimes a huge beat down loss like the SF game can flip a switch in a good way. Or itcan also be so psychologically damaging that it takes time to get over it.

Monday night’s game against the chargers will give us another indicator of this team’s toughness. All great teams overcome adversity. Is this team capable of overcoming adversity? Stay tuned.

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