The kind of defensive coordinator we should be looking for

In my opinion, none of the names for our next DC I’ve seen floating around the last few days are what we need. There’s a reason “names” like Mike Zimmer, Rex Ryan, Ron Rivera and possibly Wink Martindale are guys whose careers are mostly in the rear view mirror. There’s a reason most of these guys are readily available. No one else is rushing to hire them.

So why are we? Because our GM likes “a name”. He thinks like a fan. “Who are the big names out there we could hire?” That’s how fans think. Nothing wrong with that if you’re a fan. It’s a disaster if you’re the general manager. When your GM is also your primary marketing salesman, you get this kind of thinking. Instead of finding a great young defensive mind, you are instead looking for someone to sell to the fan base.

So what kind of DC should we be looking for? Here are the characteristics and talents I believe we should be hunting:

  • A talented coach who understands modern offenses and the fundamentals in how to stop them.
  • A defensive mind who understands “complimentary football”. If our offense is struggling or your team finds itself two scores behind, your defense better be able to stop the run and get off the field.
  • A coach who is flexible and not completely married to one style or approach to defense. The modern game requires being able to be flexible in approach. If you are glued to one philosophy or style (like having safeties as LBs, lol) you may be in trouble if that isn’t working.

Ok, so who are some examples of young coaches who could fit this bill?

  • One guy I really like (sadly he’s not available) is lions DC Aaron Glenn. He’s done wonders in Detroit with a very under-manned defensive talent base. He was aggressive, creative and flexible. The lions ran some of the most creative schemes I saw all year. They held the niners to 7 points in the first half until turnovers did them in. Glenn is a very talented up and comer.
  • Titan DC Shane Bowen- was just hired by the giants unfortunately as their DC. He worked under Mike Vrabel the last six years and he’s only 37. Former LB in college, he’s very aggressive and creative. We should have been more aggressive to interview him.
  • 49ers DB Coach Daniel Bullocks- he’s worked under niners DC Steve Wilks for years and would bring a physical style similar to what Wilks and the niners use which is very LB centric which could be useful in how to deploy Micah Parsons in multiple ways.
  • Packers LB coach Kirk Olivadotti- an excellent developer of talent, especially at LB where the Cowboys need some major help. Has coached with several NFL teams and has a good set of skills for the modern game. I would at least kick the tires.

There are plenty of other names but the guys above are the kind of coaches I would be looking for. It won’t happen because Jerry thinks like a fan and a marketing guru who prefers “names” he can sell.

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