So our path in the playoffs is pretty sweet!

I thought we were getting the rpo/read option route a month ago in the playoffs…eagles, 49ers, etc. A bad matchup for us typically. Now it looks like we are getting the aging hall of famer route (more on that in a minute). Packers at 7 wipeout the #2 49ers in wild card, wipe out skidding #1 eagles in the conference round, then to the nfc championship in a minute.

It’s wild that such a strong team like the packers will be at 7( jaire Alexander and rasoul Douglas at cb, Amos and savage at safety, Rodgers at qb, etc,) and packers can do all the heavy lifting beating the 49ers and eagles.

Aging hall of famer route: #5 Dallas gets #4 Brady/bucs (they are not playing great, just targeted cb Henderson with mike evans 3 times and beat him deep) in wild card, the winner of vikes/giants who we both own and get the packers/Rodgers in the nfc championship.

Dak usually plays the pack well. I like our chances, esp in a home game. Rodgers usually struggles deep in the nfc championship.

Super Bowl could be the bills who don’t run other than getting josh Allen in harms way who Micah can handle,

Our path may avoid a major weakness (Read option/rpo) and play to our strengths.

We got a real good chance and the cards are coming our way.

Go cowboys!

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