Chiefs, Broncos, Cowboys, and the NFL

K.C. squeaked by the Broncos 27-24, and the Broncos were in it until Wilson got sacked on the last play of the Broncos last possession at the end of the game. The Chiefs entered the game as 12.5 point favorites, failing to come anywhere close to covering the spread.

I have no idea if Chiefs fans overreacted to the close win the same way Cowboys fans reacted to our victory over the Titans where we were 13.5 point favorites and covered without issue. To read what many here wrote after the Cowboys win, the fact that we didn’t win 42-0 was somehow cause for alarm. It wasn’t. Yes, backups played for the Titans, but backup cornerbacks, safeties, QBs, etc. know how to play their positions. What separates a backup from a starter in the NFL is typically a very small margin unless talking about top 5-10 player at their position.

Anyway, just pointing out again that bad teams beat good teams every week in the NFL. Other games, the better team may win, but not as convincingly as expected. It’s the NFL. It’s hard to win games, especially playing a third game in 12 days.

What really blows is that Philly will face NYG backups next Sunday, while we have to play a team that still has playoff aspirations. Of course, Philly could lose, we might win, and maybe the 49ers somehow lose. It would be sugar sweet to fall into the #1 seed, though it isn’t what I’m expecting. Stil…’s the NFL, the greatest sport in America.

Go Cowboys!

Edit: Washington has been eliminated. My bad.

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