Signing Hopkins doesn’t really make a lot of sense

Don’t get me wrong. It would certainly be fun to have Hopkins in the lineup. However, firstly, let’s be careful this doesn’t turn into a Earl Thomas situation. Also, let’s look at what I predict will be our receiving /te group to start the season on the 30, and then see where we need help.

WR: Lamb, Cooks, Gallup, Tolbert, Moreno-Cropper, and Turpin

TE: Ferguson, Schoonmacher, Hendershot, and Bell.

I suppose I could see him making a nice 4 WR option, but I’m also keen to see Tolbert in camp. Remember, he was at a small school, so it can take a bit for a small school player to become accustomed to NFL speed. I think we at least should have 3 top WRs, and a nice TE group. Let’s look at areas needing help:

Kicker: this is an area that is scary atm.

RB: probably could use a bit more competition.

Oline: could use more depth

I think it’d be fun if we were to get Hopkins, but i think we have at least 3 positions that need help beyond WR. I am concerned that Hopkins could be another Earl Thomas situation.

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