Bust Decisions

I believe it takes at least 2 and probably 3 full seasons to know whether a player is a bust or not. The Cowboys have several players on their roster now that it is safe to say are busts which will be listed later. BUT…although Mazi Smith and Luke Schoonmaker had disappointing first years here, it’s still too early to declare them busts.

We saw Jalen Tolbert have a terrible rookie season followed by lots of improvement. He’s an example of not giving up on a guy too early. Dorance Armstrong is a guy who took some time to develop. (We may not be able to afford him going forward because of his development as a good pass rusher) Point is, you can’t give up on a guy too early.

Here are the guys I think we now have enough evidence to say they are busts:

  • CB Nashon Wright. ST guy at best. Can’t cover. He needs to be released.
  • T Josh Ball– Always injured and even when he was healthy just never showed much.
  • DL Neville Gallimore– he’s just average. Can make an occasional play but we can draft someone with more upside to give us that.

To me, we need to release those three guys. Enough evidence out there to say goodbye.

Here are the players I would put on BUST WATCH meaning they are in danger if they don’t improve or show more:

  • Chauncey Goldston – decent at times but again, finding a guy who can give you 1 sack a year and few tackles is not hard.
  • Sam Williams– this will surprise some. SW has big talent but his stupid penalties, off field stupidity and lack of consistency make his next season important to prove he’s worth keeping around.
  • Matt Waletzko – like Josh Ball has struggled to stay healthy. He must show this year that he can stay healthy and contribute.

I know many fans will say Mazi is a bust. Maybe he is but it’s still too early to give up on him or any other drafted rookies. But the clock is ticking.

Anyone else on your “bust watch”?

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