Scouting the dolphins

Here’s a quick overview of the dolphins record, team stats, strengths, weaknesses, and other observations.

Record: 10-4 (first in AFC East)

Current Playoff Seeding: 2nd seed

Home Record: 6-1 (Wins: broncos, raiders, patriots, jets, giants, panthers. Loss: titans)

Road Record: 4-3 (Wins: jets, chargers, commanders, Texans. Losses: chiefs, bills, eagles)

Offense Rank:

  • Scoring: 1st- Avg 31.5 ppg (Cowboys ranked 2nd at 30.8)
  • Total offense: 1st 414 yds per game. (Cowboys ranked 6th at 368 ypg)
  • Passing: 1st at 274 ypg. (Cowboys ranked 6th at 251 ypg)
  • Rushing: 4th at 140 ypg. (Cowboys ranked 12th at 116 ypg)

Defense Rank:

  • Scoring: 14th avg giving 21 ppg (Cowboys ranked 5th at 18.9 ppg)
  • Total defense: 5th avg 293 ypg (Cowboys ranked 6th at 294 ypg)
  • Passing defense: 10th at 203 ypg (Cowboys ranked 4th at 176 ypg)
  • Rushing defense: 4th at 90.4 ypg (Cowboys ranked 19th at 117 ypg)


  • Passing game- QB Tua Tagolivioa leads the NFL in passing yards, is second in yards per attempt and has 25 TDs passing. He also has 10 interceptions. The dolphins have a very good deep passing game with Tyreek Hill.
  • Tyreek Hill. The most dangerous receiver in football, especially as a deep threat. He leads the NFL in receiving yards and TDs and that’s even with missing last week’s game. He’s a huge weapon.
  • RB Raheem Mostert is third in the NFL in rushing yards with 966 and has a whopping 18 TDs rushing!
  • Defense has 48 sacks which is 2nd only to the ravens with 50. (Surprisingly Dallas is 11th in sacks with 40)
  • Red Zone success- Dolphins are 2nd in NFL in red zone success with 68%. (Cowboys are at 56%)


  • Turnover Margin- they are only +2 and have 20 total turnovers (Cowboys are +9 and have the least # of TOs in the NFL with 12)
  • Defensive passing game- they can be passed on IF we protect our QB.
  • Tua is not mobile. He can be sacked pretty easily if we can get some pressure.
  • Dolphins have mostly beaten bad teams and have not been able to beat the better teams in their schedule (sound familiar?) They recently lost to the lowly Titans in Miami.


  • We must score 30 or more. Period. The dolphins score at home pretty consistently.
  • We must be able to get at least 2 TOs. If we have 1 or less TOs to their 2 or more, we win.
  • Cannot let Tua have time to find his second and third reads. He is an accurate passer and reads defenses well.
  • If Tyreek Hill plays, we must prevent the quick strike plays. He can score at any time, anywhere.
  • Control the TOP. I see this game hinging on our offense keeping the ball away from theirs.


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