Scouting report on playing the Bills in Buffalo

I‘m actually excited to see how the Cowboys handle another tough opponent on the road this Sunday. We have not played as well on the road as we have at home, which is certainly not uncommon. But these next 2 road games vs Buffalo and Mia will go a very long way in prepping this team for the playoffs no matter what seed we become. Winning on the road against a good team is what every playoff team will need to do (except fit the #1 seed)

So what are some facts about playing the bills in Buffalo? Here’s some interesting stats and tidbits:

  • The bills are 12-3 at home since 2022.
  • Last year the bills were 7-1 at home, losing only to the colts in a strange blowout home loss 41-15.
  • This year, the bills home losses are to Jacksonville 25-20 and to Denver 24-22.
  • The bills average margin of victory at home this year is +15.2, which is 3rd best behind Mia (+17) and Dallas (+24)
  • The bills average 29.7 pts at home and only average surrendering about 14 points a game at home.
  • The Cowboys avg 23.7 points on the road. (Compared to avg a whopping 39.7 at home!)
  • Josh Allen is 33-13 as a starter at home in Buffalo. JA has thrown 14 INTs this season (Dak has thrown 6) and interestingly 9 of Allen’s pics have been at home.

Some takeaways from the above stats:

  • Dallas will realistically need to score somewhere between 24-30 points to win based on how the bills have played at home this yr.
  • In the bills 2 home losses this year, Josh Allen has thrown 3 pics so getting at least a couple of them Sunday would go a long way in stopping them.
  • Allen is an outstanding running QB, especially in the red zone. We will need a spy on him that is a reliable tackler in space.

The Cowboys will need to play their best road game of the year so far this Sunday to win. I think their chances are great as long as our offense can muster around 24-30 points.

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