Running Game Has Not Stepped Up

Zeke numbers expanded to a 17 game total would be less than a thousand yards with 4 TD's. Pollard's would be less than 700 yards with 4 TD's.

The Cowboys average 2.9 yards a carry in the 4th quarter.

Take out the Giant game and Cowboys RB's have had three runs for 10 or more yards in the other three games combined.

Take out their longest run and Zeke's average YPC is 3.4. Pollard's is 3.3.

Why can't the running game step up? Part of it is due to the injuries on the left side of the O-line.

However, I suspect that most opponent defenses are focusing on stopping the Cowboys running game. if Rush continues his success, they may back off a little, but I don't think you can discount this fact when considering our backup QB's success. Simply put, they did not respect him. They loaded the box against the run.

That's what the Cowboys wanted in order to keep Rush under less pressure. However, this plan cannot last against some of the better teams.

One of the advantages to having Dak is that defenses will let up more on defending the run. Dak is a more dynamic passer and runner and defenses must respect that.

Right now. some of Cooper's success, geared more towards not making mistakes, comes at the detriment of the running game. Unless the passing game opens up and you see some three hundred yard passing games, the running game will continue to stall.

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