Run the dang ball!

If this 2022 team becomes a run first team, like I’m sure our frustrated coach wants, the Cowboys will be a problem for the NFC regardless of the QB.

This team is built to be a defensive team right now. You cater to the defense by running the dang ball to run clock and keep them fresh to make plays all game. Once Peters is inserted (preferably at LG) this O Line has road graders across the board and good coaching. We should be RUN first.

If the run game is working, you will eventually wear the other team down. Plus, believe it or not, you will also score points if those runs end up in the end zone. You don’t have to be “pass happy” to score points and win in the NFL. We can’t afford to be pass happy with this receiving corps, anyway.

The formula should be…Run the ball until the stop you. Pass when you have to. Let your Defense and Special Teams make enough plays to keep you in the game until the end. If you’re up, run the ball to kill the clock. If you’re down and it’s close, spread em out and let Kellen and Dak do their thing. The Cowboys hurry-up is one of the league’s deadliest weapons.

If this team had a real GM and coach, Dak and Zeke would be on at least their second real Super Bowl run during these prime years. 2016 and 2021 should have been more competitive years. This year would be no different now that we have Parsons and company on defense.

Cooper Rush playing now may make this year special. It forces Kellen’s hand to call a more conservative game plan. In his history, conservative = running the ball. When it works, hopefully we win and we won’t have to rush Dak back. When he returns, we will stick with it and make him an even better QB.

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