Point Differential and NFC Championship Games last 5 years

I’m sure by now you have heard that point differential- the number points more your teams scores than your opponents all year- is one of the biggest indicators of playoff success. It’s amazingly accurate.

As it stands today, our Cowboys have the highest point differential in the entire NFL with a +188. The niners are second with +175. The eagles have a paltry +21.

So how important is point differential? In the last 5 seasons- 2018-2022- four of the five NFC championship games included the two teams in the conference with highest PD.

  • 2018 NFC championship was between New Orleans at +151 and LA Rams at +133 (Rams won and advanced to SB)
  • 2019 NFC championship was between SF at +169 and GB at +63 (SF won and advanced to SB)
  • 2020 NFC Championship was between TB at +134 and GB at +140 (TB won and also won SB)
  • 2021 NFC Championship was between LA Rams at +88 and SF +62 (Rams won and won SB) This was the only yr NFC championship was not between at least one of the highest PD teams.
  • 2022 NFC Championship was between SF at +173 and Phi at +133 (eagles won and advanced to SB)

Heres a cool link showing details of current point differentials in the league:


Again, it’s no guarantee but having a huge PD is a big indicator of a real SB contender.

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