Philly looking to convincingly clinch the division in Dallas on national TV

The Eagles are giddy. They can’t wait to get here.

Philly gets to come into Dallas on Christmas Eve and curb-stomp the Cowboys, which will clinch the NFC East on national television right in Jerry’s face and back yard. That’s what their champing at the bit to do in 5 days.

Much of the mystery will be revealed on Saturday about the Cowboys. We’re about to know EXACTLY what the they are – good, bad, or indifferent – and the fallout will go accordingly.

Can you imagine Christmas Day in Philly if the latter happens. Ugh.

A win, and the the Cowboys could reinvent themselves before the playoffs with doubt in the Eagles’ minds. A close loss, and thing will be mildly OK. An Eagle whooping on Dallas, and the season is basically over in terms of anything meaningful to look forward to in the playoffs.

No doubt Philly wants the chance to beat Dallas three times this year. I remember 2009 when Romo and the Cowboys beat the Eagles three times, including back-to-back 24-0 and 34-14 thrashings in the final regular season game and the wild card round. That was fun, but then Farve and the Vikings put that season to bed.

Dallas playoff path to the Super Bowl looks like it would got through Tampa, Philly, and San Francisco, in that order. The Eagles hope so.

My hope is, the Cowboys players and coaches feel the same way about Saturday and they don’t caught up in standings this week. The game REALLY matters, even if technically it doesn’t. There’s too much psychologically riding on this game to dismiss it in any way.

It’s critical for Dallas to play well and be competitive.

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