Off-season success cannot be judged on paper or in practice alone

Whatever any of us think about the Cowboys’ off-season moves including the draft and free agency, the bottom line on ALL off-seasons: It cannot be judged until real games are played and on-field results have happened.

With TC now in session and pads sometimes being on, we’re seeing short clips of players making plays in drills and practice. Many of us will gush about numerous new and young players because as fans we want them to succeed. Nothing wrong with that. It’s what we as fans do.

But until we are facing real opponents in real games that have real consequences, we won’t really know what we have in new or young players. Practice and preseason games are important but those alone aren’t always accurate indicators of future success.

The rush to call an off-season a success or failure is premature at this point. IMO, we are at minimum, 90 days away from getting enough regular season feedback to start judging this off-season. Speculation is fun. But it takes validation to verify. Enjoy TC and PS games. Just know it will take longer than that to know what we have.

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