Micah Parsons’ next challenge: Showing some leadership

It would be hard to disagree that Micah Parsons is the most talented player on this Cowboys team. He certainly is the most talented player on the defense. His physical skills are undeniable and at the top of the league. His pass rushing skills wreak havoc on offensive lines. Offensive coordinators undoubtedly have to account for MP first in the development of every game plan. Having a player of this level of talent is something to believe in.

But it is also a common belief in sports that you should be able to count on your best, most talented player to not only play well, but to also show some leadership. If not verbally, at least by example. Because despite Micah Parsons‘ enormous talent, he has yet to show a level of leadership in accordance with his talent.

Leadership does not have to be verbally eloquent. Parsons doesn’t have to be a rah-rah guy in the locker room. In fact, the best sports leaders first and foremost lead by example on and off the field. The best leaders on the team should be the best in practice, leaders by example in the weight room, and be someone who makes the team bigger than a bunch of individuals. I haven’t seen those qualities yet from Parsons. But he’s only 24. He has time.

So how could Micah Parsons step up into a bigger role as a leader on this team now?

  • Be the example of a strong work ethic. First in the weight room. Hardest worker at practice. Hold teammates accountable to do the same.
  • Stop making ANY excuses after losses or complaining about things that are “unfair”.
  • Put the team before your personal brand. Temporarily suspend the podcast until you have accomplished something as a TEAM.

This list could be longer but you get the idea. Team leaders do not have to be eloquent public speakers or lead cheers in the locker room. But if your most talented player seems to be more concerned about podcasts and getting jerseys signed and a frequent excuse maker, it hurts the team.

Time for Micah Parsons to show some real leadership.

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