Karma is knocking on JJ’s Door

After seeing Jerry very briefly as he addressed the media the other day, it was sadly obvious- he has become a pathetic old echo chamber. He only listens to those who tell him what he wants to hear. He only speaks to those who won’t call him out. That circle is shrinking.

Fewer fans are buying the kool aid. Fewer still think he has any credibility left. He’s become a shallow character- a carnival barker who’s getting old; the old tricks don’t work any more- and even he knows it. His past multitude of skeletons once hidden in payoffs and non-disclosure agreements are being discovered- even those he thought his money could silence. Welcome to the digital age Jerry.

Karma is knocking on his door. And Karma cannot be paid off and doesn’t sign NDAs. Everywhere he turns these days, mirrors are popping up. The clock is ticking louder and louder. His once vibrant energy has faded. He looks old and his charade of trying to prove he is a football guru is now only accepted within the family circle and the fewer and fewer fans who love him anyway.

The day Jerry heard Jimmy was elected to the HOF may have been the worse day in his life. In his mind, his HOF election now probably takes a backseat to Jimmy’s. Because Jerry is in the hall as a “contributor”. Jimmy is in as head coach. It’s obvious who the “football man” is.

Yep. Better answer the door Jerry. Karma is on the front porch and she can’t be bought or silenced. Karma is undefeated. The clock nears midnight. Maybe it’s time to change your ways.

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