The Dallas Cowboys were in the bottom 5 NFL teams to spend money

The sting of losing ONCE AGAIN and not even getting to a NFC title game lingers on. While the Cowboys, Commanders and Lions are the only teams not playing in a NFC title game in 30 years, getting Dan Quinn does remove some of that "ouch".

While the crucifying of Dak Prescott continues, lets just say the obvious what majority of Dallas fans have been saying……The real problem is the GM

Pride goes before destruction as the bible states and this statement can’t be more true. Jerry Jones is one stubborn / prideful man. The examples are many and one big one is that Jimmy Johnson is in the Hall of Fame but not in the Ring of Honor.

With that said, the Eagles spent in the offseason, while the Cowboys got cheap. Removed Amari Cooper for a James Washington which was one of the big stupid things Jones has done. This team really had no WR2 or WR3. Gallup played like a WR4 and Noah Brown was barely a WR3.

And like at the end of the season when Jerry Jones was searching frantically to find a CB2 off the street, the same was true trying to find that WR2 off the street also.

So to my post of BOTTOM 5….the Dallas Cowboys were in the bottom 5 NFL teams to spend money and though this team actually got further than last season with at least a single playoff win, the cheapest of Jerry Jones showed up and it has been bash Prescott Festival. Rightly so but when you really only have one WR to throw too (yes, Prescott had WR open and/or he forced or couldn’t see the field) PLUS a RB that could only get you 2 yards and a cloud of dust, the weapons were limited.

I thought this team could get to a Superbowl with Romo and obviously didn’t happen. I had that same position with Prescott. Don’t get rid of him because you can’t with this salary. This isn’t the NBA where you can swoop contracts for another QB. Dak is not Burrow or Mahomes, but still believe this team can get to a SB with Dak IF IF IF you get him weapons and a BETTER OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR !

This team still runs the Jason Garrett type offense and as opposing teams say, the Cowboys are very predictable. The offense runs GIMMICK plays and has no anchor to go to when necessary. The Cowboys of the 90s ran the LEAD DRAW and it was their bread and butter when they needed it, this team needs an offensive identity and not gimmicks

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