It would be foolish to move Tyler Smith to Guard in 2023

I understand putting Tyron back there when he is healthy, and moving Tyler to LG for the balance of 2022. Thats our best line this season, and that gives us the best shot at a deep playoff run. However counting on Tyron past this season would be foolish. It would also be foolish to keep Tyler at G.

Ive heard some say Tyler's more suitable to play OG in the NFL. This is false, and a misunderstanding of him as a prospect. Smith's measurables and skill set scream OT. His length, knee bend and lateral agility and hip flexibility are all there to be a dominant pass protectors. Add to that his rare power and aggression and you have a player with the Trent Williams tool kit. Smith is an OG only of there is no other place to play him, or of he fails at OT. To me if you classify him as the later after this season, you need the exercise more patience.

His 2023 has been checkered, but also has shown alot of positives after coming into the NFL so raw and spending the offseason at OG. He has shown himself to be a self starter and has hooked up with the most renowed OL trainers out there in Duke Manyweather. With a full off season program at LT, I see him being a plus starter at LT in 2024. I think it will be time to move on from Tyron, and on to Tyler after 2022

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