Ignore the Media and Fanbase and Focus

Dallas is 5-3 and still very much in the playoff hunt. They’re still not out of the race for the division. Either way, no matter how much fans bellyache, moan and cry, it doesn’t change the fact that what matters is January to get to the Bowl in February.

As long as you get in, none of this matters. I’m sure some really "smart" person will come along and explain to us how the loss to the Eagles "really" mattered, because, you know, they’re a real fan, unlike anyone else who disagrees.

Some of the fans complaining the most aren’t actually even Cowboys fans; they’re Eagles fans or simply hate Cowboys. So I’m not arguing whether they’re so-called "real" fans or whatever, just pointing out how many people are trolling the team, its fans, the organization, etc.

Based on what I saw on the field this Sunday, we have as good of a chance as anyone when it comes down to it. We’re not glaringly the better team, yet. But we’re also not glaringly worse than Philly. They beat us by a measly few points. Had McCarthy taken the points, had Dak stayed slightly in-bounds, and the refs not done us dirty as an away team, we could have won. I’m positive we can beat the Eagles.

The team should make a point to ignore all mainstream media, the negativity from fans, and other outside sources and just focus on what they’re doing in-house. If they can do that, they can make it all the way to the Super Bowl, and win it. There’s a good chance for several teams to get there.

Just like any other team. Regardless of yer twenty-eight yearths.

And no amount of salt can change it.

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