Eagles strengths and weaknesses

Looking at Filly Sunday, these guys aren’t as good (IMO) as they were last year but they are still very good. I’ve watched them play in parts of 3 games and they certainly can be beat. But it won’t be easy.

IMO, these are their strengths and weaknesses.


  • They are still very capable offensively. Still run the ball well, one of only 10 NFL teams that have rushed for over 1,000 yds so far, and have 10 rushing TDs (compared to 5 for us)
  • Their passing game is good, not great. Hurts has 13 TDs but has thrown 8 pics- 3 more than Dak.
  • WR AJ Brown has been a stud- already has 60 receptions and 5 TDs. He’s on pace for a 110-120 catch season. He’s tough to cover because he’s fast and fights well for the ball.
  • Their D has an excellent pass rush and already have 25 sacks.
  • They can stop the run. They have allowed less than 80 yards per game through 8 games so far.


  • Hurts has thrown 8 pics in 8 games. If you can force him to stay in the pocket and make tough throws, he’s not as effective. If he’s playing from behind, especially late in the game, his effectiveness drops significantly.
  • Their secondary is vulnerable if Dak has time. Their nickel corner Bradley Robey has been hurt and their other corners have been beat more than a few times lately. They allowed the Commanders Sam Howell to throw for nearly 400 yds. They can be vulnerable to the pass.
  • The eagles K Jake Elliott has missed an XP and a couple of FGs lately.

We can beat these guys. But they are still very good. It’s going to take our best game of the year.

If the OL can give Dak time, we have a chance. If the defense can stop the run and not allow Hurts to run around we have a great chance.

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