Opinions vs Trolling- Some Serious Advice

I’m writing this to try and reduce some of the unnecessary vitriol and occasional trolling that pops up on our great forum from time to time that can be easily avoided and make this forum even better for everyone. Probably 90-95% of our members show respect at all times so just trying to increase the respect meter around here.

Let me say upfront, we encourage everyone’s opinions about the Cowboys. Having a variety of opinions is what makes this place interesting. What we don’t encourage is name calling, race-baiting, insults, and general immature, trolling behavior. We are Cowboys fans, not e-girls fans.

Here are some serious suggestions to avoid getting the bench:

  • Once you’ve made the same argument time and time again, and many people have disagreed with that same basic argument, there’s no need to just keep making it over and over and over. At some point, we can all agree to disagree and move on.
  • Very few people dug in an opinion are going to suddenly say, “Wow, that 13th time you made that same point, I saw the light.”
  • The constant criticism and nit-picking of your fellow fans is tiresome.
  • We’re not here to win arguments. We’re here to offer opinions.
  • Once you start calling people names or insulting them, you’ve already lost whatever points you wanted to make.
  • If you don’t like someone’s thread, instead of insulting them and the topic, just don’t post on it. The fastest way to kill a thread is to avoid it. They usually die a quick death that way.

Finally- Sometimes there’s a fine line between sharing an opinion repeatedly and trolling. If we all stopped trying to “own” or “school” someone rather than respect them, this place would be so much better than it already is.

I appreciate our forum and every single Cowboys fan who posts here. In the end, there’s so much more we have in common than the things we disagree on around here.

Let’s Go Cowboys!!!

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