Cowboys Edge Rushers

There are 2 basic types of Edge Rushers & some that played both styles.

Speed Rusher: ex. Von Miller

Leverage Rusher: DLaw

Both: Lawrence Taylor

Obviously there is more to Von Miller than just speed rushing.

– However, he is in that category because a very high percentage of his pass rush wins are from just blowing past OTs with speed.

Leverage Rusher could also be called Technique Rusher.

– DLaw developed an array of pass rush moves based on technique over speed.

– At at 251 pounds pre-draft, DLaw didn't have great speed (4.8 forty, 1.68 ten yard).

Football media have started using the term 'Euro Step' which is taken from Basketball jargon.

Sam Williams, despite being a 4.46 forty guy, had a high percentage of his success as a leverage type rusher.

Quick note on Dante Fowler:

– In 2020 with Atlanta in Dan Quinn's defense, he played more of the leverage/technique style than before or after being with Quinn. After Quinn departed Atlanta, Fowler played as a 3-4 OLB in 2021.

Dan Quinn obviously likes the leverage style.

– UDFA Mika Tafua's style is like a DLaw clone.

– Tafua might not have the athletic ability to make it in the NFL, but he had great technique in college.

– It took DLaw 2 or 3 years in the NFL to develop the same type of pass rush techniques.

I don't have cut-ups of DLaw or Sam Williams; therefore, I'm going to use some of Mika Tafua for discussion purposes.

Again, this is not about Mika Tafua per se. My goal is to demonstrate pass rush techniques.

This is a textbook DLaw pass rush move.

– Notice how he has that jump-step and it puts him on a straight line path to the QB.

– The hands and feet have to be in precise sync; otherwise, this move will be a big fail.

– DLaw does it will a bit more of a power move into the OT before the jump-step, but it's the same concept.

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