C-Money’s top 10 QBs – Midway through the 2023 season


You can find my 2022 year end rankings here: https://cowboyszone.com/threads/c-moneys-top-10-qbs-of-2022.508253/

I never did put out my preseason ranking as they wouldn’t have changed from the end of the year. However, I thought a midway point ranking would be good conversation.

1. Patrick Mahomes. To be the man you have to beat the man. Not in a game or anything like that but you’re going to have to prove it to me and so far, even in a down year for Mahomes, no one has.

2. Tua. He was in the bottom half of my top ten to end the year but a lot of that was based on injury and skepticism. He’s cleared that up so far this year. Number One again in rating and 6th in QBR. Leading the league in Yards and Passing TDS. Staying healthy too.

3. Josh Allen. Small slip from the 2 spot for Allen. He’s still a stud but the INTs are something to watch.

4. Burrow. Rough start to the year and an injury but he is as hot as any QB in the league and could easily be higher by the end of the year.

5. Dak. Dak is a tough one for me to judge this year statistically because of the style of games played. Before the Eagles game, we either won by 20+ or lost by a large margin and Dak didn’t play late in a lot of those games. But still, played well early and if not for Burrow would be the hottest QB over the last 3 games. He’s playing at an extremely high level.

6. Hurts. This was a tough call between 6 and 7 for me but I’m giving the slight edge to Hurts here. He is performing well in all categories and is doing so with an injury.

7. Herbert. Could easily be 6 but I gave the nod to Hurts. He is falling behind in production (bye week) but even on a per game basis not performing at the level of the other guys.

8. Brock Purdy. I don’t care much for him. But he was off to such a hot start and if it was the injury that slowed him down, he could be in for a big second half.

9. Kirk Cousins. Would be higher but the injury knocks him down to 9 and will be off the list come the end of the year. Can’t argue with his production though. Leads the league in Yards per game (a few without Jefferson) 2nd in TDs with missing a game+. 3rd in rating. etc.etc. Tough injury. Sad.

10. Goff. Just slightly edging out Lamar here Jared Goff takes the 10 spot. This is as close, if not closer than Hurts and Herbert 6/7. Could go either way but I’m giving the slightest nod to Goff.

Well, there you have it.


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