Why this was the best win of the season so far

I don’t care what anyone says, last night’s win over the ‘hawks was the best win of the season…so far. Next week should top that, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

For everyone who thinks margin of victory matters at all in the NFL, last night’s win against a good Sea team is a perfect example of the silliness of that notion. This isn’t college football where resumes are based on how bad you beat someone and how good you looked doing it. In the NFL, W’s and Ls are always the bottom line. 9-3 is very impressive.

Here are the reasons why last night’s game was the best win of the season so far:

  • Despite the defense not playing well, the team found a way to win through the offense. The offense carried us last night. That’s what good teams do on a night one side of the ball isn’t playing its best.
  • Has anyone noticed that the almighty egirls struggled against a 6-5 bills team last week and we all were impressed that they were able to come back and win that? We played that script last night too.
  • Anyone remember what the theme was around here about 8 weeks ago? This offense was not moving the ball that well. Look now.
    • Offense is no longer sluggish in the red zone. (except for the stupid delay of game penalty!)
    • This team just set an NFL record by scoring 40 or more in 4 consecutive home games.
    • Since the debacle at SF, Dak has thrown 21 TDs with only 2 picks.
  • We just won our 14th straight at home.
  • Seattle is a good team. Three weeks ago they were 6-3. Injuries have hurt them a lot but they played their guts out last night. We beat a good team. A team that if the season ended today is in the playoffs.

This team showed some guts last night. I was glad to see them get punched hard but still be able to punch back and win. Good teams find a way. That could have easily been a trap game.

This team still needs to improve a lot. The stupid penalties are driving me crazy. I’m beginning to think McCarthy just doesn’t work enough on improving that because those pre-snap and offsides penalties are just stupid.

Now it‘s on to the eagles. Let’s gooooooooooo!

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