Why Preseason Strength of Schedule predictions are a joke

Pre-season strength of schedule assessments are nothing more than click bait. Honestly, none of us knows how hard the schedule is going to be any given year. One prediction I can very confidently make- every single opponent on the schedule will be potentially very tough.

The NFL is not college football. Unlike college FB, the talent margin between a SB champ and a last place team is actually very thin. When Alabama lines up against Louisiana-Monroe this fall, it’s a guaranteed win. When the jaguars line up against the chiefs this year, they could win.

There are zero layups in NFL schedules. Look at all the upsets we had last year:

  • Early in the season, the Saints and their not so great D, shut out Brady and the defending champs 9-0.
  • The Jaguars beat the bills 9-6. I’m sure everyone saw that coming in preseason.
  • The 1-11-1 lions beating the 10-3 Cards 30-12.
  • The Texans beating the chargers 41-29 in week 16 when the chargers needed a win badly.
  • The jets led by former Cowboy Mike White beating the bengals and Joe Burrow 34-31.
  • The broncos curb stomped us 30-15 in week 8. We all saw that coming, right?
  • The Texans beating the red hot Titans in Nov- 22-14.
  • The really bad WFT beating the defending champ Bucs 29-19.
  • Remember the Colts complete collapse in week 18 vs the Jags? Colts had to have a win to get in the playoffs and lost 26-11.
  • The lions closed the season beating the pack 37-30.

Every one of those games were considered to be “easy wins” for the favored team. There are loads of upsets every year in the NFL. Even the defending SB champs lose games that they were supposed to win.

My annual prediction on the Cowboys schedule: There are no easy opponents.

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