Biggest embarrassment in Cowboys history- and it won’t matter enough to Jerry

I’m old enough to have watched all 67 Cowboys playoff games. All 36 wins and all 31 losses. That was the most embarrassing loss in Cowboys history. To be trucked at home by a 9-8 #7 seed is beyond inexcusable. It’s actually what this organization has become: A lazy embarrassment when it matters most.

As I watched that colossal failure tonight unfold into a 27-0 deficit with 2:00 left in the first half, I could not help but think that there is no other team in the entire playoffs who would have stunk it up that bad at home with everything in front of them. To lay an egg of that proportion in front of millions is not only disgusting, it is gutless.

But my fellow Cowboys fans, I can guarantee you one thing: It won’t change things much at the Star. Nope. If you think Jerry Jones is as mad as we fans are or is angry enough to make major changes throughout this organization, don’t get your hopes up. I will predict it right now- there will be no Bill Belechick or Jim Harbaugh “to the rescue”. Because this ship sinks every year regardless of the HC.

Since our last SB, we’ve had 6 different HCs, and 8 different OCs and DCs. And one GM who won’t change. Promise you. He will be smiling this July at his putrid “State of the Cowboys” presser in “Ox-nerd” selling sand to all us fans in this 28 year desert. And most Cowboys fans will buy it again. Oh and expect Mike McCarthy to be seated with JJ and “Giggles” next July. Because JJ likes being comfortable more than he likes to be hungry.

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