Truth that fans need to accept

There is a mass psychosis that has happened to the Cowboys fanbase over the past quarter century. The late 80's I understand, those were Tom Landry's last days. The Bears, SF, & NFC east were just better. Pelluer, Hogeboom, White, aging team. They needed a hard reset and Jimmy is the one to come in a flip over the table and start from scratch.

Jerry has done a great job of capturing a good part of the fanbase under his Stockholm syndrome. How can anyone call us Americas team? What have we done over the past quarter century to justify that? Romo, Dak, Ware, memorable playoff collapses? We have not even made a championship game since January 1996, when the world was till pushing AOL, Windows 1995 commercials with the rolling stones, OS2 Warp IBM ads.

This is a disgrace of an organization, the only thing different from the Lions or the WFT is really the logo and history. This is a failed organization, most of you will disagree with me. Jerry does not care bout winning another Super Bowl. He has three SB's, he is a HOF'r, he has nothing to prove. He doesn't care about paying, Dak, Zeke, Romo, Cooper, Ware, Tank, Witten, you name the player. There is so much cashflow with the Cowboys he has to spend it. It's like you and I going to get milk at the grocery store. Winning the SB or even building a real contender is like priority 10 when he comes to the office. He just wants to be relevant. Once fans realize this and stop supporting this nonsense is the only way this ends. We need the fanbase to stop showing up at games. It won't hurt his pocket at all, but it will cause embarrassment.

There is almost nothing the fans can do that will make Jerry lose money, maybe not show up for a whole season, but the game theory behind that will never work. He has a flywheel effect for the Cowboys. Fans are desperate for a winner, they keep thinking we are one player, one good draft, one referee missed call away.

Jerry learned from Campo, that he cannot go 5-11, 4-12 type seasons. He always wants to be in the 7-10 win category, which is why he never fired JG. Because 8-8 is good enough to excite ESPN, FS1, play for a playoff spot on Sunday Night.

When will you people wake up? It's not changing until Jerry capitulates and hires a real coach who will come in a change the culture. If that happens within 2-3 years we are in a championship game. The talent is good enough in this organization.

Just imagine if we had McVay or Kyle Shanahan, do we beat the 49ers? It's a simple question that Jerry should be asking. To me it's as plain as the nose on my face.

Don't fool yourself as you are the easiest to fool.

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