2021 Draft Class Revisited

This draft will always be remembered for Parsons but what may be forgotten is how important it was for Dallas to get numerous quality players. Top 10 draft position doesn't come around too often for this franchise and in addition to that we had a lot of extra picks. Because of how cap-strapped the Cowboys are (and will continue to be), along with all the impending free agents, they really needed to come away with at least a few quality future starters.

Instead of using their extra picks to move up and go get the guys they wanted, they instead decided to stay put and draft 11 players which seemed dumb at the time and still seems very dumb. Parson's was obviously a home run and the best pick of the entire draft. How much credit can really be given to this front office for the pick though considering they did just about everything they could to not select him? They were basically forced to pick him. Very fortunate to have Carolina and Denver take CBs and the Eagles and Bears/Giants to pass him over.

It's still early to tell on the rest of the draft class but it doesn't look too promising. Pick 44 (Joseph) was a selection they absolutely needed to nail and they got very little production out of such a high pick, especially considering that was a somewhat weak position group. He did seem to come on at the end of the year though. To make matters worse they drafted him over Asante Samuel Jr.

Odighizuwa seemed to start off the year pretty well but by the end of the season looked like a JAG. Our track record with developing DT's is abysmal so not much hope here. Didn't get to see much of Jabril Cox due to injury but he has some promise. Maybe Josh Ball can be your swing tackle. No one else is even worth mentioning really imo.

Hopefully some of these players can make a huge leap in Year 2 but after Year 1 this draft class is not looking great outside of Parsons.

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