Trade Deadline Question for serious contenders

If you have a good team this year and feel you have a legitimate shot to contend for a Super Bowl this year, here’s the question I‘m asking:

WHO CARES ABOUT NEXT YEAR?” Why don’t we care a lot more about winning a championship right NOW? The teams winning SBs and conference championships seem to be a lot more concerned about NOW than next year.

I am past being tired of hearing our owner/GM talk about how important it is to him that his team be “relevant” every year. Or worried about salary cap implications while other GMs are making moves to strengthen their teams. Wouldn’t it be worth it at some point to push more chips in to the middle of the table if you really believed you had a team that was close?

The two talking heads of this front office are constantly talking about this roster being close or good enough to win it all. If that’s the case, who cares about next year?

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